Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Giants that turned Blue

I love the Giants/Dodger rivalry! I love the “BEAT LA” chant heard throughout the yard, the t-shirts, photos, signs, the e-cards, etc. It brings me back to high school when you had rivals and everyone would go all out in their school colors. Each school would try to outdo each other with witty signs and boast how great their school was by screaming and cheering for their team.
With the Giants and Smurfs, it was all fun and games until someone (seriously) got hurt. Bryan Stow was almost beaten to death after a Giants/Dodger game in L.A. It was a tragic incident that I pray will never happen again. The incident really put a spotlight on the rivalry. I personally thought the MLB was going to put an end to it, just like they did with the 49er/Raider games. But I am glad they didn’t. Instead the MLB reiterated that the rivalry ends as soon as they’re off the field. (PUNK ASS DODGER FANS!!! Oops, Sorry. Can’t help it.)
If you sit and think about it, the Giants/Dodger rivalry really doesn’t really exist in the present time. This strong hate for the Dodgers really doesn’t have much to stand on since we have a young team. (Maybe Kershaw and Lincecum?) The young bucks carry on the long time tradition of the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants. Our real beef should be with the Phillies.
The worst thing you could do is become a Dodger AFTER being a Giant. There should be a law against that. Some of my favorite players have choked on their greed and turned an ugly shade of blue. They are no longer in my top 10.
For instance:
Juan BOOO-Ribe- Really, Bro?! Win a World Series and leave to go to the Dodgers because they will promise your DL-riding ass 3 years?
Jeff Kent- Loved him for beating up Barry Bonds and taking the MVP award in 2000, but hate him for being a traitor. He went to the Astros before going to the Dodgers, but still became a Dodger nonetheless.
Jason Schmidt- Great Pitcher! Loved him. He had Jackie Robinson’s number before they retired it, he must have really wanted to be Robinson.

As for a Dodger becoming a Giant, prepare to work hella hard and not to be fan favorite until you make the Top 10 on Sportscenter at least 10 times.
I completely understand the saying, “For the love of the game!” But again for example, Jackie Robinson retired rather than becoming a Giant. I totally admire that. Kudos #42 for respecting the rivalry.
Who I don’t get is Juan Marichal. I knew he was an awesome player when he was with the Giants, but he too went to the Dodgers. The Dodger fans DESPISED him and he did not last long there, but he still went. Hmmm…?

Anyway, as always, lay off the high ones,
Dottie Hinson

P.S. If I said anything to offend you, I am not sorry. This is just MY opinion, but please if you want to send me hate mail send it to (DISCLAIMER: Not a valid email, just want to piss you off more)

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